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Friends of the Forest Inc.

Friends of the Forest is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmental education and fostering a love for nature among children. Our main focus is to provide opportunities for forest learning for young children. We are located at 170 Ballard Road, Cabot, AR 72023.


Our Programs

At Friends of the Forest, we aim to create a safe and engaging environment where children can explore and learn about the forest ecosystem. Through our programs, children can experience hands-on learning and gain a deeper understanding of the natural world around them. Our team is made up of experienced educators and environmental stewards who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders.

Forest Trips

One of our most popular programs at Friends of the Forest is our Forest Trips. These trips provide a unique opportunity for children to explore the forest ecosystem in a fun and engaging way. Led by our experienced educators, children will learn about the plants and animals that call the forest home, as well as the importance of environmental stewardship. Our Forest Trips are designed to be accessible to all children, regardless of their background or experience with nature.

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